Day 40. Never passing up an opportunity to Dance in the Rain. (Wish you had been there.) #100happydays


The Mindy Project season three sneak peek


Can’t wait!!!!

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"What you will allow is what will continue."

I thought I could

Told myself because
I didn’t want more from you

It would be easy
No strings
No emotions

I want to
Hear from you

Want you to
Tell me
You want me
You want to
See me

Even if it’s just for
The one thing I want

Because when I don’t
I think
I think
I think too much

All ridiculous things
You only think
When in a relationship
With one you love

Which is not
And will never be
The case with us

So why…
What is this need
I have

To want to
Get your text

This frustration
When I know
You are
Playing games
To see who has
The power

It was better when
It was fun

It is not fun

It’s work

And I will only work
If I trust you
If I want to be
With you
If I know you
Want to be with me

Are none of these things

Are sex.

Sex is all

And it is becoming work

So… Maybe it is done

BW ‘14

Don’t ever let someone make you feel worthless. You are not! You are amazing! Beautiful! Wonderful! And worth everything…
Maybe I am just telling myself this because I need to hear it, but so the fuck what! ;) xoxo